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I struggle to find the words to put on this page, because there really is so little to say. This is mainly a writing group - at least, that is my main interest in it - to which photography and other visual art may be submitted. All stories must be set at night, completely at night, after the dusk has fully faded and the dawn has yet to begin. While you aren't absolutely required to write short stories, the limitations set the times when the stories are to take place would certainly encourage this. Everything either has to be done by sunrise, or continued the next night with little to no mention made of the time in between. I suppose one could write about vampires, but I really would discourage the use of such an overdone theme, one that would draw in an element I don't want to see in this group - teenaged girls. "Oh! Edward is so dreamy!" "Shut up, Jacob is 100 times the man Edward will ever be. Bella must have been hypnotized. Drugged! That was it! He slipped her some drugs, and then hypnotized her, and she thinks Edward is Jacob. It's the only explanation." And then they'll want me to resolve this. No thank you. I was hoping for a more adult tone, and something a little more rooted in reality.

I can accept a little fantasy and a little mystery in the stories - you might even see me indulge in a little of it, myself - but I will expect you to use it with a light touch, and never leave the real world too far behind. Magical realism can be accepted, maybe even a little surrealism, but no high fantasy, science fiction, or supernatural horror. The group is being run with adults in mind, but this does not mean that you are welcome to submit adult fiction, even where it would be considered acceptable under the TOS. Think in movie terms - if your story were to be made into a movie, what would its rating be? If the answer is R for sexuality, then don't post it to the Red Eye. Violence is a different matter, not because I think that violence is less offensive than sex, but because it has been known to advance the plot of a story, and sex usually won't. There are other places for such material, anyway, and it is my group, so indulge me. If I don't set this restriction, I'm rather afraid that we'll be flooded with stories about somebody's imaginary conquests, and you know how I feel about cliches. When I'm not guilty of them, myself?

You'll see a few links. The Red Eye has a few companion groups. I will offer the group on WritersCafe as one of your options, but as explained in this blog post, I would urge you to approach that option with caution. I do not expect to see WritersCafe enjoy a long and glorious life. Keep your work backed up on disk, which, yes, is something that you should always do, but which becomes an even better idea on a network that is said to have already had a major data loss incident. You're there to make connections. Given how few adults remain to be found, I'm not sure if those will be useful connections that you'll be offered, but you might always manage to find an adult lingering there. Or a playmate for one of your children. You never know. I'd recommend paying closer attention to the groups on Flickr and DeviantArt, but I also tend to believe in letting people make their own mistakes. You will have to put in a request to join, however, given the spam situation on WritersCafe, and have to have a fair amount of writing already present on your WritersCafe pages before I say "yes", so I'll know that you are not just a throwaway ID. Work that is mirrored elsewhere will be just fine for that.

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